The pies. The hams. The endless supply of eggnog, keeping your steady buzz going strong throughout the entire month of December. Pile being in a relationship on top of that, and we’re probably talking a few more extra “love pounds”.

Reality check – the holidays have come to a screeching halt. They’re officially over. New Years’s resolutions are back in full swing (in fact, statistically speaking, many people have given up on their resolutions already), we’ve all started thinking about how we may want to start tightening things up a bit and hitting it hard(er) in 2019.

So you and your main squeeze have decided to “get fit” together in 2019. After all, they do say that couples that sweat together, stay together.

Here are our top five tips to be a healthier couple this year.

First of all, have “the talk.”

You never want to approach the fitness subject the wrong way, leading your loved one into believing that you think he/she is “fat.” Make it about both of you. You want to improve yourself, and it would really help you out if they were there to support you and keep you accountable.

Make a plan, together.

Get on the same training and eating plan and hold each other accountable. Make a schedule while you’re at it! It will help you keep track of your plan and progress. Blocking out “non-negotiable” time to make sure you get your work out in can be a big factor when it comes to what stands in the way of your goals.

Set a goal.

Whether it’s running a marathon, dropping your body fat percentage… whatever it may be – set your goals with your loved one, and work towards it, together. Check in with each other frequently to see how the other is tracking, and if they need additional support.

Get outside and run together.

Regardless of your specific goals, running is a great way to spend some time with your loved one, that doesn’t involve sitting on the couch. Get outside, and get running!

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