Most of us do something we think will help us do better on race day – whether it’s related to improving our performance, or a superstitious ritual for good luck. We’ve compiled a list of the strangest pre-running routines we’ve ever heard of. Perhaps these are isolated incidents, or… most people have a secret procedure they’re just too ashamed to share. For those that did share, you’ll see that some of their pre-running customs range from the somewhat expected… to the unheard of.

  1. Wearing your lucky (insert clothing item) – could be socks, a sports bra, watch, etc.
  2. Hair do or don’t? Some people wear their hair a certain way before their race. (That one’s not too odd.)
  3. Shave or wash your hair a few days leading up to the big day. (Again, relatively speaking, normal-ish.)
  4. Spitting on the bottoms of their shoes. (K, that’s a little weird.)
  5. Wear the same pair of shoes for the entire season. Without giving them a wash. (Nasty!)
  6. Running part of the race course backwards before the race. (How do people come up with this stuff?)
  7. Eat two cookies. (Why two? Why cookies?)

The fact that these rituals exist isn’t the weird part… The weird part is how people got to this point. Running backwards and eating cookies? Well, if you think it brings you good luck, do it!

We believe that those who work hard fall upon “lucky circumstances”.” But we also believe that it’s a cycle – those who have “good luck” get even more “good luck” by working hard.

That’s why on the day of luck, St. Patty’s Day, we’re giving 17% off all distances (5K, 10K, half and full marathon). Take advantage of this lucky deal on 3.17.19 and join us in Boise on October 27th, 2019.

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